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Unleash your imagination with the Oppo F11 Pro smartphone which captures amazing pictures even in low light situations. The stylishly compact smartphone has a dual rear camera and supports VOOC flash Charge 3.0 for instant power to snap the best moments of your life. Even in dimly lit conditions, the Oppo F11 Pro can create an impact with its advanced dual cameras and high definition camera modes.

The Oppo F11 Pro is designed to suit the individual lifestyles. The unique design allows it to be slipped into the pockets comfortably while providing the required protection from damage. The attractive and slim body of the smartphone has a unique dual rear camera system. It also has a high definition camera with up to 12 mega-pixels resolution that helps to capture clear pictures of scenes where the natural light is not available.

This oppo f11 pro smartphone variant comes with unlimited talk time and data plan. It comes with two sim cards that support international calls with local phone numbers. The handset runs on the Windows mobile operating system and can be connected to the internet using Wi-Fi.

The Oppo F11 Pro offers users an experience that is unmatched. The phone comes with a stunning dual rear camera and a high resolution 8 mega-pix camera which enables it to capture clear images even in poor lighting conditions. The impressive hardware features include an Intellius barometer, digital compass, proximity sensor and a capacitive HTC Sensor key on the sides. The phone comes with an aluminium metal frame which helps to provide robust resistance to shock and impact. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor which allows the user to unlock the phone with ease using their fingerprint.

Like all other HTC phones the Oppo F11 Pro also offers users a choice between Windows and Android operating systems. The dual camera on the handset offers users great picture quality. The large screen helps to take fine details of the surroundings and also eliminates the need for taking a number of photographs to get a clear picture. The camera also helps to improve clarity of the images taken and the software is quite easy to use. The phone runs on a quad core processor that is enhanced with the help of a customised user interface that highlights its superior connectivity.

The Oppo F11 Pro comes with a powerful Adreno processor and the device boasts of a six.5-inch widescreen display. The screen has a high density of 300 pixels per inch and helps to reduce stress levels associated with browsing. The phone also features capacitive navigation buttons that are easy to turn on and off. The bezel-less display of the Oppo F11 Pro helps to make this handset stylish and eye catching.

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